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If a photograph could talk

While one photograph captures a moment in time, its repercussions last a lifetime.

If content is king, then photography is at the heart of it. No one understands this best than journalists and advertising creatives, where words and visuals work together to tell a story. But even the best words will fall flat if the photograph it is paired with is uninspiring. 

These days anyone can take a photograph. The latest iPhone Pro boasts a new dual‐camera system that captures more of what you see and love. Apple claims that it has the fastest chip ever in a smartphone and all‐day battery life lets you do more and charge less. 

The greatest photographs have wowed us. They’ve challenged our perception, and forced us to shift our personal biased lens, to a different focus. This helps us think of the world in a different way. When you are standing behind the lens, think about what story it is that you are trying to tell. Great photos tell a story. There is tremendous technique that goes into taking one photo. And depending on who’s taking the photo, there is variation in the subject matter and the story. A photograph is truly in the eye of the beholder.

SukasaReads reviewed Photography A Definitive Visual History by renowned photographer Tom Ang. As we said, “It is necessary to point out that Tom Ang isn't a shrinking violet. He is passionate about his craft, eagerly relaying the minutiae that those with an untrained eye may miss, and he doesn't mind taking a political position.” It’s no wonder we were so excited with Tom Ang’s new book, Photography: History. Art. Technique. Starting with the book that’s crafted and bound with such care – in a gorgeous boxed sleeve – and containing over 300 pages of everything you need to know about photography. From history and famous photographers, to equipment and getting the most from your camera, Photography covers the medium in this lavishly illustrated, encyclopedia guide.

“writing with light”
Photography means so much more than that. To contemplate the true extent of its social reach and cultural impact is awe-inspiring.

A great guide to taking better pictures. The first half of the book opens with more than 30 awe-inspiring individuals who have made their mark with their ability to capture fleeting moments.

The second half of the book delves into technique and technology. Readers will have an introduction to photographic tools such as cameras, accessories and software. Tom Ang understands the impact digital has had on photography, and so has dedicated a whole chapter to working with digital images. From setting up the workplace, to suggestions on image manipulation software, you’ll learn a few strategies to help you successfully navigate the digital landscape.

With the intersection of media and storytelling, photography and video will continue to be instrumental in bringing the truth of the moment to the audience. Having the foundation to take great pictures is key in being able to capture that  shot which presents itself momentarily as we maneuver through life. Sometimes you only have a few seconds to make the decision, and having an eye for excellence can make a difference.

Of course no book about Photography is complete without pictures, and there are plenty of those in Tom Ang’s Photography. Absolutely a gem. Purchase Now.

 "Anyone with any interest in photography will find something they like. And those who know a lot may find something they don’t like. Because I am not afraid to express my opinion, or to reveal the uncomfortable truths. But I also take you on human stories too." Tom Ang