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Who needs Netflix when you've got The Rabbit Hunter

This is a 521-page investment, but I guarantee you, that you won't be able to put The Rabbit Hunter down. Written by the duo husband-wife team known as Lars Kepler, this Swedish novel (translated brilliantly into English) is a thrilling masterpiece, written with precision and aplomb. It's Netflix in print format.

I'm afraid of giving up too much because the story is so engaging and must be experienced, so I shall keep this short and sweet. 

The Swedish Foreign Minister has been murdered in the most horrific and peculiar way. Seems like the killer had a motive. But why did he leave a witness? 

But it doesn't end there. Seems like there are more; we're dealing with a spree killer. And that's a whole other ballgame. The killer is smart and well trained. Someone that skilled wouldn't leave a trace, yet, the question remains, why would he leave the prostitute alive at the politician's murder scene. 

There's no time to waste. The best guy to handle this is in prison. Can the Special Security make an exception and pull some strings. Will Joona Linna's Get Out Of Jail card be enough to stop this killer? 

Who's next on the hit list, and can Joona Linna stay one step ahead to make sure that the killer doesn't strike again? Somehow everything needs to fit together on a deeper level. Joona needs to find the algorithm to solve the riddle. What's the rabbit hunter's motive? 

This is the sixth novel in the Joona Linna series, written by the husband and wife duo, Alexandra Coelho Ahndoril and Alexander Ahndoril. If you are a fan of the series, I don't have to convince you to pick it up. If you are new, like me, and this is the first book you are reading in the series, then be ready to jump right in and have your mind blown away. 

What also feels different in The Rabbit Hunter compared to any other suspense novel I've come across, is its ability to put you directly in the line of fire; to make you feel what the characters feel and see what they see in incredible detail. Each character is beautifully constructed. The book reads like a screenplay, and this makes it inevitably easy to see the movie played out in front of the script. I look forward to this on the big screen, because it inevitably will be picked up by a hotshot producer. 

A mastery of words and suspense. Satisfying from the first page, to the last word. Not for the faint of heart.