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What happens after the end

A very different take from Claire Mackintosh's previous novels which have been in the thriller genre. After The End explores the angst and turmoil that follows a couple after they discover that their child has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. 

Max and Pip have an unshakable relationship. That is until their son Dylan gets sick; now it seems that every decision is up for debate and the only thing the couple can agree upon is what's good for their son. Claire Mackintosh has hit the nail on the wall, and portrayed a realistic situation for a family, whose lives can never return to a rudimentary stage again. 

Dylan is their first and foremost priority. For the first time in their lives, Max and Pip can't agree on their son's future. They have to make a difficult decision; it's a decision no parent should ever have to make about their child's future. 

There's a lovely poem by Robert Frost that Claire Mackintosh has inserted in between the pages.

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, 
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could

A few words that encompass After The End by Claire Mackintosh:


As a reader you have to be prepared for the heavy but poignant read about parenthood, marriage, love, and coming to grips with the present slipping steadfastly between your fingers. 

"Over the last few months I have learned that hope is one side of a seesaw balanced by despair; too quickly tipped from one to another. We have learned to be cautious, to ask rather than assume, to take each day - each hour - as it comes." 

After The End by Claire Mackintosh will destroy you, and perhaps when it's all over, help put you back together again.