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Inside the secret world of plants

"If you have a garden and a library,
you have everything you need."
Cicero, To Varro, in Ad Familiares IX, 4

Summer is short in Canada (perhaps even more this year), to the point that a family fried quips that "we have two seasons in Canada, winter and July" so can you blame us for our bias to want to bask in a field of flowers, surrounded by luscious, bountiful greenery? 

Every Spring, human beings reveal in glee at the first sign of life. The slightest green buds on a barren tree, reminds us that we will soon be able to rid the drudgery of the winter blues. In fact the term green shoots is used to indicate signs of economic recovery -- such is the hold of nature on our subconscious.

Did you know that the first gardens were created by the earliest societies of the Middle East, when the need for self-sufficiency led people to enclose plots of land next to their homes. Over time, as societies moved away from subsistence, the practical function of the garden was super-ced…


Is there some truth to the way the sun signs, houses, the sun and the moon, all work together to affect your every day relationships? 

Whether you believe in astrology or not, Minnie Darke's new novel Star-Crossed will surely challenge you to be open-minded, and destined to give you a chuckle or two along the way. 

Justine (Sagittarius) bumps into Nick (Aquarius) one random day. Coincidence? It's been a while since these childhood sweethearts saw each other, and the meeting creates some sparks. But, is this a chance meeting, or is has this moment been predetermined by the stars? 

Justine is a sceptic of astrology. And, she's quite surprised to learn that Nick makes all his life's important decisions based on what the horoscope says. Not just any horoscope, but the one written by Leo Thornbury, an astrologer who writes for the magazine that Justine just happens to work for. Now is that a bit coincidence or what? 

But suddenly, the stars start aligning in her favour, and Jus…