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Some doors should stay locked...The Missing Years by Lexie Elliot

What would you do if you suddenly inherited half a house? Not just any house, but the spookiest of houses, resting in the middle of nowhere. 

Ailsa Calder has just inherited half the Manse; the other half belongs to her father who hasn't been seen for twenty-seven years. He vanished without a trace when Ailsa was a child, and it's not known whether he's dead or alive. 

Ailsa has temporarily moved into the Manse, with her half sister Carrie.

Right from the first night, when an intruder breaks into the Manse, it's clear to Ailsa that she is unwelcome here. 

The unfriendliness continues, as she meets some of the locals, who learn that she's a Calder girl, in particular, the daughter of the man who disappeared with diamonds from a jeweller years ago. Never proven of course. But, without her father's present, the suspicions hold firm.

She wants nothing more than to sell the house, and get the hell out of this darkness. But there is a slight problem. She cannot sell the h…

Sally Rooney's Normal People may perhaps not be as normal as you think

A quintessential coming of age story by the award-winning author Sally Rooney. There is a normalcy to Normal People that feels a bit too normal. This could easily have been a slice out of my childhood. Every emotion so close to heart, relatable, yet still jarring.

Why are relationships always so complicated? You like a guy, a guy likes you back, and yet there’s a cloud of complexity that just complicates the simplest of relationships. Egos, status, insecurity, inevitably all play a part. Why do we care what our friends think? And why does this insecurity not change when we step into adulthood. When do we grow up and how does the baggage we carry from our past, affect our future? Sally Rooney's Normal People certainly convinces us that our past, present and future are never mutually exclusive. Emotions are like a shadow, always following us wherever we go. We can't shed their existence, but if we try really hard, perhaps we can forget that they exist...if only for a little while…