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Have you got 15 mins? Time to learn a new language.

He who knows no foreign languages knows nothing of his own.
~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I read somewhere that to possess a second language is akin to possessing a second soul. There's no need to sell the benefits of learning a new language to anyone. Everyone is well aware of these --whether there's a sense of intellectual prowess, such as boosting brain power, or showing off enhanced abilities such as decision making, learning a new language is advantageous. So, then knowing this, why isn't everyone spending time learning a new language? 

Ask anyone why they aren't  and a common culprit emerges: time. With everyone's busy schedules, whether it's balancing work and family, or checking all your smartphone notifications 😉, it's not surprising that that there just doesn't seem to be enough time to do something that actually will be fun, beneficial in the long run, and world expanding. Okay, we don't have time, but we do have 15-minutes to spare a day, surely?

DK's language books 15-minute [INSERT LANGUAGE OF INTEREST HERE] promises that you will learn a language in just 12 weeks. Just enough preparation time to get ready for your summer vacation. 

I couldn't be more intrigued by the prospect so I've got two of these books complete with an audio apps, so I'm about to embark on my twelve week journey. The books are divided into 12 themed chapters, broken down into 15 minute daily lessons. 

Each day starts with a warm up that sparks you to remember previous lessons. Time is indicated on the page, particularly important for those who have a schedule to adhere to every day. 

The apps features native speakers so you can perfect your pronunciation. I'm picking two books to feature. Spanish...because it's so versatile a language --from the obvious, Spain, to the Caribbean, and South America. And Japanese, because Japan is on my bucket list. Check in with me in a few months, and see if I can navigate my way through these languages. I'll also be posting my progress on my Instagram and Twitter, so follow for updates. 

And if you are interested in taking the challenge with me, pick up a book from Chapters Indigo right now. They are featuring 50% select titles like the 15-Minute Spanish: Learn in just 12 weeks or 15-Minute Japanese by DK. 

If you aren't willing to commit for 12 weeks, here's another option to learn a language at your own pace. DK's series of visual dictionaries are a quick way to learn more than 6,000 words and phrases at your own convenience. If you are travelling, it's a handy guide to take with you, and the visual element is an absolute pleasure making learning easy and fun. It's like being a kid again. 

Blog Post by Shilpa Raikar, who believes in the power of storytelling to connect readers, and strives for diversity and inclusivity. 15-minute Spanish: Learn in just 12 weeks, 15-minute Japanese: Learn in 12 weeks, and Hindi English Bilingual Dictionary is published by DK Publishing. Copy provided by DK Canada.

Review by @SukasaReads (a division of @SukasaStyle)