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We wish you long-lasting health and well-being

'Tis the season to indulge in food, wine and friendships.

'Tis also the season that you may ignore the inner echoes of your body telling you to slow down. The holidays are a time when you need a serious reboot of your system, but with all the excessive eating, lack of sleep and stress, there's a high probability that your body will go bonkers.

DK Books' Complete Wellness is filled with lifestyle strategies incorporating more than 800 easy and natural remedies. Did I mention, natural?
Whether you are suffering from gastritis (undoubtedly from Aunt Anonymous' excessive use of hot peppers), or puffy eyes and dark circles from all the stress and lack of sleep...there's a remedy for that. Did you know that the latter can be related to poor circulation? Both conditions can be caused by too many late nights (and you know that's unavoidable during the holidays).

Various remedies you may try include herbs such such cleavers, schisandra, witch hazel or nettle. Dark circl…

Gifts for the Drama Queen

sukasastyleWhat #gift to get that person who loves mystery and drama? A few thrillers from @panmacmillan and @dundurnpress made the list. You may wonder why I included #ottelenghi’s #dessert book here. Well nothing pairs with a delicious #mysterynovel better than a sugary treat. #holidaygiftguide

Gifts for the Cutie Patutie

Be nice little ones, because Santa's going to bring you something special. 

The perfect gift for that person who oozes a bit of a snob factor

Looking for that perfect gift for someone with an air of sophistication and class? Look no further than this collection Le Petit Prince Moleskine Planner, Pocket edition, or a plain black large one from the classic Moleskine collection. Available at Chapters Indigo. And what pairs perfectly with planning for 2019? A satchel of course. This one from Fossil, one of my all-time favourite brands, is just the gift to make someone swoon with envy and pride.