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Revenge is a dish best served frozen

Elizabeth has just completed a metamorphosis, emerging as Juliette. She’s now a flight attendant, a career she has chosen for a bit of a sinister reason. Was it really because she’s obsessed with her ex with a lengthy ploy to get back closer to him? 

Art and literature are at the heart of Haruki Murakami's new novel, Killing Commendatore.

The master of literary excellence is back with a new book, Killing Commendatore. A story of a portrait artist in recluse, trying to rediscover his passion, after his world is turned upside down. His wife has left him, he wants to escape the past, and seeks refuge in the home of a famous painter, Tomohiko Amada, who owns a secluded house atop a mountain. 

It is there that he discovers a hidden painting in the attic, a canvas that opens up a palette of mysterious events, revealing hitherto dark family secrets. 

This painting was full of blood; two men were fighing with heavy ancient swords, in what seemed to be a duel. As far as he was aware, Tomohiko Amada had hardly ever painted a picture that was harsh and violent. "His paintings mostly summoned up feelings of nostalgia, gentleness and peace. Occasionally, they would take up historical events in his theme, but the people depicted in them, generally faded away into the overall composition." 

Because of the nature of the content…

Bullet ⚡Journalling -- where do I start?

The Bullet Journal Method has gained a lot of momentum. Critics swear by this productivity, creative method of journalling, intended to make the user more mindful of their present and plan for the future. 

As Ryder Carroll, the creator the the The Bullet Journal Method puts it: Bullet journalling is much more than organizing your notes and to-do lists. It's about "intentional living"; weeding out distractions and focusing your time and energy in pursuit of what's truly meaningful, in both your work and personal life. It's about spending more time with what you care about, by working on fewer things. 

Bullet journalling is a more than a past time, it's an obsession. Just type in the hashtag #thebulletjournalmethod into Instagram and you'll see the multitude of journals decorated with beautiful precision and attention to detail. It's inspiring and fuels your productivity. It takes discipline to track your day and follow your dreams. The Bullet Journal met…

Looking at ART

Art is personal. Why do some works speak to you? What is it about a particular piece of art that appeals to your senses more than others?

Art - The Definitive Visual Guide, just may have the answer. Most people are under the impression that creative inspiration comes down like a bolt of lightning and the artist magically creates the piece, as quickly as possible lest the inspiration escapes. But, that is rarely the case. Materials and surfaces, have to be taken into consideration. 

At the heart of everything is the artist's viewpoint. Art - The Definitive Visual Guide by DK Books is probably the most in-depth encyclopedia that takes you through various decades of art; it is enlightening and inspiring, it is the graduate course in fine arts that you may have wanted to take but never got around to. 

One of my favourite sections is Looking At Art, which gently walks the art lover through a better understanding of elements like subject and composition, perspective and viewpoint, media an…