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Thomas the Tank Engine rolls back into town with his friends

Fans of the famous Thomas the Tank Engine series will be delighted with this new character encyclopedia from DK Books

I realized how beloved these characters were to kids and adults alike, when I fell in love with them myself about 20 years ago working as a behaviour therapist with autistic kids. I didn't grow up in Canada myself, but I could tell how important a part these adorable train characters played in the cultural mosaic of family dynamics. They had a universal language that transpired geographical borders. 

In the digital age where we seem to have become obsessed with stories, we have to be reminded that storytelling has always been a part of our lives. Advertisers told stories around their products, and toys such as the Thomas & Friends series were no exception. Created to connect, these characters relate to children differently, each child gravitating to a particular favourite. 

In this encyclopedia, you get a snapshot, of the trains themselves and the island where they live (Sodor). There were also quite a few trains that I didn't know about. Ashima for one, a fearless mountain train from India, where she works on steep and dangerous mountain tracks. She has beautiful decorations, but would rather shunt than show off. 

Her favourite line: 
You don't have to try, just be who you are.
Highly recommend this book for parents, who are interested in connecting with their kids, retelling stories about the Thomas & Friends characters. And if the word "encyclopedia" doesn't get you, perhaps the mini Thomas the Tank Engine toy on the book cover will. I have just one word: Adorable. It's going to remind me of the good ol' days when life seemed simpler and the getting to our next destination on a Thomas & Friends train was something to look forward to. 
Choo Choo! 
Blog Post by Shilpa Raikar, who loves to tap into the intersection of both her right and left brains, and see the world through the eyes of her younger creative self. 

Thomas & Friends Character Encyclopedia is published by DK Publishing 

Review by @SukasaReads (a division of @SukasaStyle)