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Human Body: A Visual Encyclopedia

I am the first to admit that I never 'got' biology, and much to my mom's lament, my disinterest in biology generally and the workings of the human body in particular precluded me from pursuing a career in medicine. But what about the kids today that are in the same predicament that I was in decades ago? Or better yet, what about the kids who have shown an interest and need it to be piqued further? May I humbly recommend DK's fully revised, and updated new edition of Human Body: A Visual Encyclopedia available in Hardback, Paperback, and e-book format.  

On DK's website, the descriptor is apt: The first substantial human body encyclopedia aimed at young children, Human Body: A Visual Encyclopedia entertains and excites, while putting key biological information at young readers' fingertips. 

Can't get the kids out of bed in the morning, or convince them to get to bed on time at night? Have them read this write up on the body clock and do the test on the right "Are you an owl or a lark?"

Have your kids asked why people wear glasses? How does that incredible mechanism (which we are so reliant work upon) track and scan objects, take a quick gander at the bottom right.

Noticed how your head just starts to nod off as you become sleepy, this page explains that --and other things. Your kids will learn the difference between skeletal, heart, and smooth muscles.

Every spread in Human Body: A Visual Encyclopedia explains how different parts of the body work--there are eleven selections (e.g. Bones and Muscles, Lungs and Breathing, Waste Disposal, and Mind and Personality to name a few) and a reference section where your children can test their personality.

I forgot to mention that there's a lot of 3-D imagery of the body systems and organs will that will inspire your future doctor and scientist!
Recommended. 👍

Reviewed by Arijit Banik, a true believer in life long learning. It's never too late to learn something new :-)