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List 10 things you are grateful for

Be optimistic. Think positive thoughts. And, happiness will find a way to surround you. We’ve all heard it, but how do we get to that happy place. Unwind Every Day A Journal makes it easy to put you in that frame of mind. I’ve been trying it out every evening for the last few days and going through some of the exercises. Some thoughts and exercises are simple and don’t require too much effort on your part. 
Others require a bit of reflection, such as: List 3 things that you are proud of. These kinds of exercises, I’ve enjoyed doing with my better half, just before we call it a night and doze off. It's been a moment to connect, and also reflect on our day and life. Thankful for the little wins and a reminder of the bigger picture.

The simplicity of this book is what makes it so powerful. It’s sure to have a permanent spot on my bedside table.

Do you hear something? I think there's a noise downstairs and it's going to cause quite a stir.

A new Linwood Barclay book draws much excitement, and with his latest entry A Noise Downstairs, his books should be flying off the shelf. It sure got my attention: A Noise Downstairs has all the elements you’d expect from a Linwood Barclay classic – intrigue, great characters, and a plot that is addictive.
Paul Davis is just a normal guy, leading a normal life. He works at the university, is married to his second wife, Charlotte. Sure there are some issues in their marriage, but whose marriage doesn’t have issues? Everything seems to be going fine, until one day he encounters something horrific.
Driving down a deserted road, late one night, he notices his colleague’s car with a broken taillight. The colleague seems distraught and driving recklessly, so Paul decides to follow him. When they finally meet up, Paul realizes that the normally calm, charming colleague, is frazzled and standoffish. A quick glance at the back of the car, highlights two bodies. Before Paul has time to process wh…

The Melody by Jim Crace

You can listen to a classical piece of music and be instantly inspired. Whether it lifts your mood, or incites that knot in your body when the piece is laden with sadness, it’s a piece of melody that will linger. The Melody by Jim Crace feels like a piece that’s going to be embedded in your psyche.
Albert Busi lost his wife a few years ago, and feels like the years have caught up with him. Memories intertwine with the present, and the occurrences of the otherworldly are obscured with reality. The emptiness of losing his wife, is juxtaposed with his longing for his sister-in-law. Jim Crace goes to lengths to weave in the constant obsession. For a lonely widower, there is an idle calm to the ramblings.
It’s a slow journey of life and aging. Where have the years gone wonders Busi. When did he get old? He contemplates what the neighbours think of him… perhaps a lonely old man. He is well know in the town for his music and his songs.
The reference to melody is perhaps intertwined with the mem…

Mapping the Bones by Jane Yolen

From acclaimed writer, Jane Yolen, comes another tale set during the Holocaust. Totally immersive, switching between the viewpoints of twins, we hear from Chaim, as the story of the horror unfolds in Poland during WW2, and from his sibling Gittel, as she recounts her family and life, in the future. 

Mapping the Bones has been cleverly mapped. A story of struggle, loss and hope, is weaved into a compelling novel, that will leave readers with a glimpse of a powerful time in history. With powerful poetic prose, Jane Yolen draws in the reader and keeps them engaged.
Fraternal twins, Chaim and Gittel, have a bond that is unique. Chaim is Gittel’s conscience. Gittel, Chaim's strength. At the start of the book they are living in the Łódź Ghetto with their parents, barely making ends meet what little food they had to share, and constantly looking over their shoulders for potential trouble. When the rabbi, brings in a new family into their home, they have to learn to share their already meag…