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Only the Best for Dad

Dinner's In The Oven

Even if Dad is a masterchef, he will appreciate this great book that features 75 recipes in simple one-pan meals. Fresh ingredients, a few minutes of prep, pop in the oven, and voilà  dinner is ready. One thing less to think about on busy week days. One of my faves is the Roasted eggplants with mozarella, chilli, lemon & parsley. Yum!

Published by Chronicle Books and distributed by Raincoast Books

Days with Dad by Nari Hong

This adorable children's book, features sketches that are comprised of soft, childlike coloured-pencil drawings, that create a strong intimacy on each page. The picture book is autobiographical written in both Korean and English. The story features a relationship between a young girl and her dad who is in a wheelchair. Conversations between the two are heartwarming and enlightening. Dad regrets all the things that he can't do with his daughter; the positive daughter is quick to assure him that there's nothing to feel badly about. The author, always dreamt of a society that was inclusive and accepting, where people were not subject to comparisons based on inaccurate assumptions about what constitutes life as a disabled person. A book with a very serious message, told in a very soft, light-hearted tone. 

Published by Enchanted Lion Books and distributed by Publishers Group Canada

My Dad Used to Be so Cool by Keith Negley

This one is sure to make dad feel a little taller. Keith Negley's unique style highlights the cool factor in dad, and concludes by the thought that they can still embody an edge. It is a tribute by a young kid who introduces his dad, and suggests that he seemed pretty normal to him. Except then he says, "You wouldn't believe it..but I'm sure he used to be in a rock band." It's such an insightful book that appreciates fathers, and reminds us all that there once was a "cool and hip" dad inside of the one that we see currently; you-- the boring guy who has become responsible and mature for us. 

Published by Flying Eye Books and distributed by Publishers Group Canada

Floating City by Kerri Sakamoto

This is one book that dad can get lost in. The underlying question is "will you make money or will you make sense". The prose is winsome. The subject matter serious. The story focuses around Frankie, a boy who dares to dream and aspire in an unwelcoming world. It's a story that also highlights a time in Toronto when things were not as we see today, a time when there was the pain of Canada's Japanese internment. But despite the period's horrors, Kerri Sakamoto writes with an aspirational style that is spellbinding and full of magical. 

Published by Knopf Canada 

Happiness is...200 things I love about dad
by Lisa Swerling and Ralph Lazar

We cannot have a list for the best gifts for dad without including this one in there. One of my favourite series, this one focuses entirely on dads. From helping you navigate the rough sees, to just being inspired by his example, dads are pretty great. This little book of dadisms is just a handy reminder of why we love dad so much. There are 200 reasons, although you really only need one reason to love dad. 

Published by Chronicle Books and distributed by Raincoast Books