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Love and Ruin by Paula McLain

If you were going to have an obsession, then Ernest Hemingway is probably not a bad option. Author, Paula McLain (The Paris Wife) has made a living out of it. In her new novel, Love and Ruin, she once again transports us through time to retell a story, from an angle that you probably haven't heard of before. 

Her protagonist is Martha Gellhorn, Hemingway's third wife. The story is told from her point of view. Gellhorn's accomplishments were an embodiment of success: a great American novelist, travel writer and journalist, and considered one of the greatest war correspondents of the 20th century. Did you know that she reported on virtually every major conflict that took place during her 60-year career? 

The New York Times once referred to her as "a cocky, raspy-voiced maverick who saw herself as a champion of ordinary people trapped in conflicts created by the rich and powerful." 

Martha Gellhorn had already written a couple of books when she met Ernest Hemingway, an…

Only the Best for Dad

Dinner's In The Oven

Even if Dad is a masterchef, he will appreciate this great book that features 75 recipes in simple one-pan meals. Fresh ingredients, a few minutes of prep, pop in the oven, and voilĂ  dinner is ready. One thing less to think about on busy week days. One of my faves is the Roasted eggplants with mozarella, chilli, lemon & parsley. Yum!

Published by Chronicle Books and distributed by Raincoast Books

Days with Dad by Nari Hong

This adorable children's book, features sketches that are comprised of soft, childlike coloured-pencil drawings, that create a strong intimacy on each page. The picture book is autobiographical written in both Korean and English. The story features a relationship between a young girl and her dad who is in a wheelchair. Conversations between the two are heartwarming and enlightening. Dad regrets all the things that he can't do with his daughter; the positive daughter is quick to assure him that there's nothing to feel badly about.…