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Slip into the extraordinary world of conscious creation

Creative Alchemy

88 transformative meditations.
88 rituals.
88 experiments.

Enrich your creative mind with the power of conscious creation.

I've enjoyed this book by Marlo Johnson. The book acts as a guide, but every individual will interpret it in their own way. And I had a lot of fun interpreting it in my way, through illustrations. Each day, I picked up the book and indulged in a new ritual. My personal creative journey brought me closer to my creative purpose.


Blog Post by Shilpa Raikar, who loves to tap into the intersection of both her right and left brains, and see the world through the eyes of her younger creative self. 

Creative Alchelmy is published by Chronicle Books, and available in Canada through Raincoast Books. 

Review by @SukasaReads (a division of @SukasaStyle)