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How Business Works - THE FACTS visually explained

Business schools in general, and the MBA degree in particular, have been maligned of late: everything from the corporate malfeasance after the dot com crash as seen in cases like Tyco's Dennis Kozlowski to the collapse of the global financial system in 2008-09 has made a case for critics to argue that Business schools were culpable

Reality, as always, is a bit more messy and complex than a visceral critique would lead you to believe. As an ex-MBA, I can say without hesitation that DK's How Business Works - The Facts Visually Explained would have helped me greatly while I was in biz school and it remains relevant today, for those of us navigating the real world.

The fact is that every graduating MBA leaves with a bunch of frameworks in their head. These frameworks are, more often than not, strategic templates with which to view business environments and the challenges that lie confront leaders of enterprises. 

But what if you --as the leader-- have to scratch below the surface but not delve so deeply into the rabbit hole that the exercise becomes an arcane theoretical exercise? 

You're an entrepreneur --a founder-- but you're floundering on the name you want to give your potential world beating product, service or brand new SAAS company. Here's a list of what Dos and Don'ts. 

Naming a Company

Now say your private company has taken off as a closely held private entity but to take it to the next stage you require public equity funding i.e. you want to go public, here's a quick reminder of what you have to do.

Going Public

Now your business is growing and you're considering expansion because organic growth is limited. Is it time to consider M&A (Mergers and acquisitions)?

Mergers and acquisitions

As your company grows, as challenges become ever more complex, you remember Marshall Goldsmith's book "What Got You Here Won't Get You There" and you adjust your leadership style to the occasion as per Daniel Goleman's framework (right).  

Leadership style

Growth continues but the competition doesn't let up, new threats appear and you realize it is far better to retain customers than gain new ones. So what do you need to know about customer retention? No problem 👀↓

Customer retention
What I've given you are just a few examples by which the book explains visually, and in clear language, the salient points to a particular business issue or concept. This is a proverbial drop in the ocean of content. 

It's a terrific book for students, entrepreneurs, or managers wanting to brush up on things that they thought they knew. And I don't say this as a specialist who has devoted his career to one niche; I say this as someone who had worked in manufacturing, understanding the production process, spent time in product marketing, treasury, finance and the startup sector. This book adds value no matter the specialty.

Highly Recommended. 👍

Reviewed by Arijit Banik, a firm believer that we underestimate the power of culture when assessing, valuing, and reviewing businesses. It's never about just the numbers.