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Vacation by Blexbolex

A picture says a thousand words.
But what does a book full of pictures say? 

VACATION by Blexbolex is wordless story about uninterrupted solitude, learning to be together with another, and how the choices we make deeply affect our lives. A one-of-a-kind story that’s just as complex as it is simple.

A girl loves to spend time with her Grandpa. But then, there’s an elephant in the room. Literally. The small grey elephant is a new guest who acts like a child. The girl isn’t happy. She greets the elephant with a gruff. Plays pranks such as throwing food at him, dousing water on him, or chasing him with a stick. She really isn’t interested in the divided attention that she has to endure for the affection of her Grandpa. 

But then, the girl regrets her actions. And there are several pages of adorable illustrations devoted to her actions.

The back and forth interactions between the girl and the grey elephant are beautifully illustrated, with precision, emotion and drama. There’s never any moment in the story that you feel like you are missing the words. The pictures really do tell the story in a compelling way, which immerses you wholeheartedly into the outcome of the narrative.

The story does not stop there. There is more complexity to the plot that involves, the elephant getting lost. The grandpa goes out to look for him. The animosity continues between the girl and the elephant. There’s a few wonderful pages of an circus sort of theme. People are dressed up in animal masks. It’s a bit dreamy.

The next day the elephant is gone again. 

Kids and parents will have a wonderful time trying to interpret this book. There’s so many different ways of making up the words to pair with the visuals. A delightful book that will immerse readers of all ages.

Vacation by Blexbolex is published by Enchanted Lion Books, and distributed in Canada by Publishers Group Canada.  

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