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The Steves by Morag Hood

Competition can be healthy (and fun). And, when it's two puffins competing, the entertainment level is off the charts. Especially when Morag Hood does the writing.

She's the creative genius who wrote about an unlikely friendship between vegetables - Colin and Lee, Carrot and Pea

There's a playfulness to her writing and the illustrations are adorable. She knows just how to appeal to kids (and adults alike).

In her new book, The Steves, she once again brings the same level of humour and engagement. Two puffins, both called Steve, compete to be "Number One". 

When Steve first meets Steve, he's flabbergasted. How can there be two Steves? One must surely be the first Steve, they reckon, or perhaps the best Steve. Or perhaps the fastest, or the strongest. Or, the wiser, or the taller. 

What ensues is a competition. Which Steve can catch the most fish? Which one is the strongest?

Not long after the competition takes a dark turn. They start insulting one another. Steve says Steve's got "weird feet" while in return Steve tells Steve that he "smells of poo". 

They feel sad. Then apologize to one another. And become fast friends. 

You'd think that "all's well that ends well", but in classic Morag Hood fashion, there's a twist at the end. A third Steve appears. 

This picture book is  delightful replete with bright, colourful illustrations. Puffin characters that just want to make you cuddle them. And expressions that will have you laughing at the sides. And to round out the simple, bold illustrations, there's copy that creates a big splash in kids' hearts. 

The Steves is published by Two Hoots, an imprint of Pan MacMillan, and distributed in Canada by Publishers Group Canada.  

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