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Stories should end any way you please

Whilst leaving footpaths should never be done,
Straying from stories is all sorts of fun.

It's the same old wolf.
It's the same little girl...although she's on her way to the library (no surprise there from the title). 

The wolf is very persuasive, trying to lure her away from the safe path. Will Little Red Reading Hood take the bait? Think you know the ending. Think again.

Little Red Reading Hood is an inspiring take on a classic fairy tale. There's more to this story. And, there's also more to the little girl. (Talk about great character development by author Lucy Rowland.) So Little Red Reading Hood loves to read books. It's one of a favourite activities (yes, bookworms can relate).

She reads in the bathroom, in the porch, and even late at night by the light of a torch. Now this is a heroine we could definitely get used to. 

The story celebrates the true creative spirit. Why accept things the way they are? If you don't like something, change it. 
You don't like an ending? Red Reading Hood said.Then change it, arrange it in your head.Just switch it and stitch it up some other way.
Lucy Rowland and Ben Mantle's new book gives the old story a delightful new twist. And book lovers will just love the bookish connection...the library is the most magical place in the world.

Little Red Reading Hood by Lucy Rowland and Ben Mantel is published by Pan Macmillan, and distributed in Canada by Publishers Group Canada.  

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