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The woman in the window by A. J. Finn

When Stephen King, the king of thriller novels, calls A. J. Finn's debut novel, "One of those rare books that really is unputdownable...delightful and chilling." just may want to pay attention. 

Undeniably one of the most thrilling rides that I have gone on this year, The Woman In The Window, is wrought with the right balance of suspense and believability. 

Anna Fox is an agoraphobic, a recluse trapped within the confines of her home. She hasn't ventured outside her home in months, and her only lens to the outside world is through her window. 

She spends her days gazing across the street at her neighbours, wondering who they are and meticulously putting together the pieces of the puzzle that seem to make up their lives. 

The Russells have just moved into the house across the street. To Anna, they seem like the perfect family, one similar to the kind she used to have...a nuclear family with a father, a mother and a teenage son. The new neighbours spark feelings of nostalgia in Anna; she reminisces about her own family who don't live with her anymore...a husband and daughter whom she misses tremendously. 

One night though, Anna's preconceived perfect family image of the Russells is shattered, when she sees something disturbing. 

Did Anna really see what she thinks she saw? This is the theme that plays out though the rest of the book. Her own judgement is questionable, in particular because of her affinity towards dousing down several glasses (make it bottles) of merlot a day, combined with a handful of prescribed medications. Who's going to trust a mentally unstable individual and an alcoholic who's memory is questionable. 

Although first impulse is to associate this book with The Rear Window, it was refreshing to realize this wasn't really a retelling of the classic story. 

Rather, The Woman In The Window is a fast-paced story with skillfully crafted characters, that propel the novel forward, keeping you in suspense till the very end. 

A. J. Finn is a masterful storyteller, weaving a mystery that is both satisfying and illuminating, one that author Gillian Flynn refers to as "Astounding. Thrilling. Amazing." 

Review by @ShilpaRaikar 

Instagram: @SukasaStyle @Shilpartistry

Thank you to Harper Collins Canada for an invite to meet A. J. Finn in person at their offices.