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Coding is hard? Scratch That!

Look around you and you'll see that the world is evolving at an alarmingly fast rate. From Google Mini and Alexa, now in at least half of the homes around the country, and a generation of robots heading our way very soon, the future could be very exciting.

What's at the crux of this evolution, is technology. From an AI-inspired chatbox that pops up every time we go online shopping, to interactive animation, games, stories and even art. 

On a recent episode on TVO's The Agenda they discussed Automation, Artificial Intelligence and the Arts. Automation, it is clear, doesn't just affect the manufacturing industry. Technology is also revolutionizing the world of art, literature, music, and improv. The show goes on to discuss whether AI could ever displace creative minds. You can watch the entire episode here. 

The fact is coding is a big component to the future of technology. Kids are learning this at a very early age, and it is predicted that kids who know code are far ahead of their peers in terms of cognitive learning and future opportunities. 

But how early, is too early? 

Coding with Scratch Made Easy by DK Books is for kids from 9-11 years, and includes basic computer programming skills. 

Scratch is a computer programming language that's easy for beginners to use. In Scratch, programs are made by joining together coloured blocks (called scripts). Kids can make their own interactive stories, animations, games, music, and art, with Scratch. It's free, and supposed to be safe and fun to experiment with. 

Coding with Scratch Made Easy has easy to understand step-by-step projects that kids can really get into. The first project is learning some simple instructions to make the cat talk. So for kids that love's a fantastic project to get them really excited about coding. 

Blog Post by Shilpa Raikar, who loves to tap into the intersection of both her right and left brains, and see the world through the eyes of her younger creative self. 

Coding with Scratch is published by DK Publishing 

Review by @SukasaReads (a division of @SukasaStyle)