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The Girlfriend by Michelle Frances

She loves your son, she wants your life.It's a classic case of girl meets boy; boy then falls in love with girl; and as a result, mother of boy wants to meet this mysterious girl that her son is so smitten with (within such a short amount of time). They say curiosity killed the cat. In this game of cat and mouse, you wonder if that's going to be an eventuality for one of the characters.

Laura's life looks perfect on paper. A long marriage to a rich husband, a handsome son Daniel who's in medical school, and a successful career. 

But the cracks begin to surface in this picture perfect setting as soon as Cherry (Daniel's girlfriend) comes into her life and starts to create a wedge between her and her son. The book begins with a love story of sorts. Daniel has just met Cherry, but within a week, she's become a fixture in his life. It's not hard for figure out that Laura is quickly starting to lose her son to Cherry, and her place in the hierarchy is threatened.