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On the first day of Christmas

Inspired by the famous traditional Christmas carol, The Twelve Days Of Christmas, Joshua Seigal's book Morris Wants More...For Christmas, is imaginative and entertaining. Kids will love the buildup of excitement as they anticipate what little Morris will get for each of the twelve days of Christmas. 

Meet Prince Moris, rich kid, who has everything he could possibly imagine. It's no wonder that on the first day of Christmas he expects a gift that is huge. His parents always get him whatever he wants, and the spoilt kid is going to make sure that they get the best present ever.

From day one, to day day 12, Moris is unappreciative of the gifts he gets, each time demanding a bigger and bigger gift. His parents oblige, since they don't like to see their little "sweet" prince disappointed. 

But there is sweet justice in the end. And to all kids everywhere, it's a reminder to be grateful for what you have.

An unusual Christmas story. But an important lesson for kids to remember. 

Morris Wants More by Joshua Siegal and Amélie Falière is published by Flying Eye Books.