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Stolen Words - Written by Melanie Florence. Illustrated by Gabrielle Grimard.

A new picture book about the legacy of residential schools. 

One day, after school, a little girl asks her grandpa how to say "Grandpa" in Cree. The question stops him in his tracks and the answer is not one that you would expect. Instead it comes with a sadness, as he realizes that he has lost his words. 

With a natural childhood curiosity, the little girl wants to know more, and questions her grandpa to tell her the story. How did Grandpa lose his words? Who took them away from him? 

The story does not end there, because the next day when the girl meets her Grandpa after school she has a surprise for him. Words that will make him smile.

Tânisi, nimosôm

They are Cree words that he recalls from when he was a child. Smiling the girl pulls out a book "Introduction to Cree" and hands it over to her Grandpa.  

Word by word, the words that were stolen in his youth start coming back to him. 

A book about the power of words. The power of stories. And a relationship that is pure joy. 

The illustrations in this book by Gabrielle Grimard touch your heart and the story, narrated with a sensitivity and innocence, delivers a powerful message about our history that's sparked with change. What has happened in the past, should not be forgotten. But how do we make it better in today's day and age. How do we accept and move towards reconciliation?