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From Winning the Pulitzer to The Fresh Complaint

What is it about complaining that feels so good? 

This is one of the themes that Jeffrey Eugenides tackles in his book of short stories, Fresh Complaint. It is the first collection of short fiction from the Pulitzer Prize-winning author. 

A retrospective collection of 10 stories, Jeffrey Eugenides is able to use his astute talent for observation and pull us into the world of the characters. I enjoyed the first one called "Complainers". It's about two women who are friends. Della is 88, and resides in an assisted-living facility. She is suffering from dementia. Her friend Cathy brings her one of her favourite books wrapped in exquisite style, but she notices that her friend doesn't really notice the book once she opens it. 

The story goes back and forth, recounting their lives and their support of each other through the years as they manoeuvre through divorce, meddling husbands, and the inevitability of getting old. 

I enjoy short stories, and this one will be on my bookshelf, awaiting the next time I pick it up for a quick inspiring read. Jeffrey Eugenides is without a doubt a good writer, who can place you in a moment of time, with a dose of ease and a sense of reflection.