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Toronto Eats Up The Best Banana Bread From Pusateris

I don’t claim to be a good cook (recipe books provide me the roadmap I need to carve out my claim to fame in the kitchen), but if there’s one thing I am proud to make over and over again, it’s my famous banana bread. It’s a fairly simple recipe (something I like about it), one that I’ve perfected over the years with modifying the proportions of sugar and banana slightly. I’ve always loved this comfort, compact version of my banana bread, one that I whip up on a lazy Saturday morning in the hopes of taking it to work the following week. But sadly, it rarely makes it past Sunday night. Sure it’s delicious and easy, with a handful of ingredients, and is the epitome of comfort food…but, I've always felt the need for some validation that my recipe was of top chef calibre, one that I would perhaps find behind the well-lit dazzling glass counters at Pusateris Fine Foods or Holt Renfrew CafĂ© in Yorkville.

For years, I'd keep an eye out for another version of a banana bread recipes. Most that I got from friends and colleagues were okay (at best), and seemed to have way too many extra ingredients to them. I was told, yogurt would add softness to the banana bread, but I found it just too soft and didn't do much more to enhance the flavour. I just wanted something simple, but one that would be a dazzler at birthday parties and special occasions. Could I find a more exotic, richer version that I could possibly serve with icing or ganache on top?

Then, to my surprise, an exciting book arrived in my mailbox. Toronto Eats. I was dying for this book in my collection. I’ve been a big fan of Toronto Cooks and Calgary Cooks, that highlight recipes from some of my favourite foodie restaurants. Some of the recipes I've tried are ambitious, but as you can tell, I love a simple recipe. 

Before I got this book, I kept seeing it everywhere (even at my fave creative bookstore Swipe Design)...a sign surely that I was meant to have this great cookbook on my shelf. Anyways, I flipped through the book, and was dying to make quite a few of the exciting dishes. 

But, the one that I was most excited about was a banana bread recipe by Pusateris. It was deceptively simple. So simple in fact that it was exactly the recipe I've always baked, with one major exception (chocolate chips) and a variation in the quantity of ingredients. It turned out well...surprising well. And if I may say so, just one that I'd be happy to serve my dad on his birthday (after all, he does love my original banana bread). 

Highly recommend this recipe from the book. Follow along on Instagram: Sukasastyle for more adventures in cooking from Toronto Eats.