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Heart to Heart with Ron Sexsmith - An interview for Deer Life Blog Tour

I had a chance to read Ron Sexsmith's fairytale Deer Life in its infancy arc state. It's an ambitious book that reads more like poetry than a novel. Somehow this didn't surprise me. Ron Sexsmith is after all a songwriter, and if you follow him on Twitter, a witty, witty writer. You can read my review written a few months ago. 

When I was asked by Dundurn Press (publisher) if I would do an author interview, I jumped at the chance. Here's what he had to say about the book, his creative influences and most of all what's next.


Who has been your musical influence growing up? Did you ever meet them? If so, what was that like?
Ray Davies of the Kinks, Elton John, Gordon Lightfoot, Paul McCartney and Leonard Cohen
And yes, I've actually met them all and except for Elton, I've also sang with them all too.

What inspired you to write a book? Did you struggle with the format? Writing songs verses writing a novel?
The story inspired me. I never had an idea for a story b…

Toronto Eats Up The Best Banana Bread From Pusateris

I don’t claim to be a good cook (recipe books provide me the roadmap I need to carve out my claim to fame in the kitchen), but if there’s one thing I am proud to make over and over again, it’s my famous banana bread. It’s a fairly simple recipe (something I like about it), one that I’ve perfected over the years with modifying the proportions of sugar and banana slightly. I’ve always loved this comfort, compact version of my banana bread, one that I whip up on a lazy Saturday morning in the hopes of taking it to work the following week. But sadly, it rarely makes it past Sunday night. Sure it’s delicious and easy, with a handful of ingredients, and is the epitome of comfort food…but, I've always felt the need for some validation that my recipe was of top chef calibre, one that I would perhaps find behind the well-lit dazzling glass counters at Pusateris Fine Foods or Holt Renfrew CafĂ© in Yorkville.
For years, I'd keep an eye out for another version of a banana bread recipes. Mos…

If Apples Had Teeth by Milton Glaser

Silly. Creative. Thinking outside the box. If Apples Had Teeth by renowned graphic designer Milton Glaser (the guy who was responsible for the I love NY graphic), is an absolute delight. So simple in its execution, yet so multifarious in its interpretation.
How do words interact with images? How can you have fun with language? How can you make language interesting for the younger generation? When silly meets smart, and poetry and story combine, there’s something magical that happens.  A refreshing book that takes on a new take on words and makes playtime (and learning time) just a little more enjoyable.