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Summer's Ultimate Expression Of Creativity

Finally, summer is here. And what better way to feel its warm embrace than by decorating with flowers. 

Floral arrangements have fascinated me since I was a kid. But I have to admit, getting the right arrangement has always been a bit of a challenge. The Flower Book by DK is a sort of encyclopedia, which outlines practical advice on how to bring out your internal creativity to create lasting masterpieces. 

Everything from choosing a container (which I should know from my design sensibilities), to picking up the right flower, is detailed. I have to admit, the container was something that I had overlooked at the start of a floral arrangement DIY project, but The Flower Book suggests that it is one of the most important considerations. 

The options are diverse and really there's no hard and fast rules for choosing the perfect container. From the simplicity of glazed ceramic mugs or pitchers, to an large-scale container that consists of an elaborate enamel exterior, the choice is yours. Although you have to remember that whatever you choose, it will set the tone for the entire floral arrangement. Think of it as design basics 101.

Next step, flowers. Now this is where it would seem that things get so incredibly complicated and overwhelming. But, rather The Flower Book by DK, breaks it down, flower by flower. Again using the basic design principles, you begin by choosing the focal flower. 

I could go on and give you an entire lesson on arrangements, but that would just take away your budding creativity.  With over 60 flowers and arrangements to choose from in The Flower Book, there's plenty of inspiration to get started. Of course, there's thousands more options in your local area to choose from. Just like when you are doing an interior decor project, understanding the basics will help you mix and match, and become an expert in your own right. Keep experimenting. The journey is part of the fun.

Summer is short, and if you are at all interested in creating a lush attractive arrangement that will create a visual dynamic focal point in your home, I encourage you to pick up The Flower Book by DK.