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What makes a killer?

Peter James knows. After all, he's written thirteen books on the subject. Featuring Detective Superintendent Roy Grace, Peter James' detective novels have sold 18 million books worldwide. I reviewed his last book, Love You Dead, and when Need You Dead arrived at my doorstep courtesy of Publishers Group Canada, I was ecstatic. 

This new crime novel, delivers on the hype. A woman is found dead in her bathtub. Is it a murder? Is it a suicide? 

Three suspects emerge. A husband. A lover. A blackmailer. 

It's a classic case of whodunit, and Roy Grace believes that every killer makes a mistake. Somewhere. All he has to do, is to find it. His instincts are usually dead on, but this time, will they let him down? 

Referring back to his mantra of assuming nothing, believing no one, and checking everything, Roy Grace proceeds to uncover the grim outcome of the victim, who was trying desperately to find another life for herself before she died, one that would be kinder to her than her present life. 

But, life seldom follows the plans you've made. So what demon killed Lorna Belling? Was it one of the men in her life, or her own private, internal demon? Roy Grace is sure to find out. 

Peter James' writing style is engaging. He's such a master of the emotional tug, hooking the reader in with great characters and short chapters that leave you wanting just a little more. It's no wonder that getting through this 400-page thriller is an absolute breeze. 

If you haven't read a Peter James crime novel, then you should pick one up. If you are already a fan, this one will not fail to impress.