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The Unexpected Visitor

The Unexpected Visitor by Jessica Courtney-Tickle is a beautiful story that reminds us to take only what we need from the ocean and not to be consumed by greed. 

The perfect read on #WorldOceansDay!

This book just makes you feel good the moment you pick it up. Could it be that the paper comes from sustainable forests? Perhaps. If you are going to publish a book that speaks about saving the oceans, then it only makes sense to use paper that helps protect endangered forests and the animals that live in them, so that we can all feel good about everyone having a safe home in the future. You can learn more about Egmont Publishing's initiative at 

But it's more than just that. Everything about this book draws us into the majestic ocean. From the warm-hearted illustrative style to the neutral friendly colours, there's a natural cohesiveness to this picture book by Jessica Courtney-Tickle, that just makes us care. 

A must-read for kids of all ages, but especially one to pick up on #WorldOceansDay.

There was once a little fisherman. Every morning he would take his boat out into the wide sea and wait and wait. When the little fisherman gets an unexpected (and very large) visitor one day, they instantly become friends. They have a lot of fun exploring each other's homes, but where have all the fishes gone? A stunningly beautiful and warm-hearted picture book all about the friendship between a fisherman and whale. The perfect way to introduce the notion of sharing, sustainability and taking care of the creatures in our oceans with young children.

Published by Egmont.
Distributed in Canada by Publishers Group Canada.