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My Canada is the best place on earth. Happy #Canada150

Packing information in a visually engaging format, My Canada - An Illustrated Atlas is the ultimate kids guide to help celebrate #Canada150. 

Each province is displayed as a full-colour map with iconic places, landmarks, and more. One of my fave places in Canada is the Canadian Rockies. The kid in me, loved identifying memorable landmarks that have been etched in my mind, such as Jasper Skytram, Banff National Park and the hot springs, and the Columbian Icefield. If you haven't been to Alberta yet, make this one of the must-see places on your #Canada150 list. 

My Canada - An Illustrated Atlas, is educational for all ages. The icons on every spread, highlight things that should be in every kid's repertoire, such as the provincial flag, symbols and flowers. 

Did you know New Brunswick's bird is the black-chapped chickadee, while its flower is the purple violet? Do you know what tree symbolizes Ontario? Well, if you are stumped for an answer, you'll just have to look it up for yourself. I recall seeing an episode of The Amazing Race Canada where the deciding challenge was identifying these symbols. So, if you ever are a contestant on this popular reality show, be sure to reference My Canada - An Illustrated Atlas and quickly get acquainted with the basics of Canada. Katherine Dearlove and Lori Joy Smith have done a phenomenal job putting this together. 

A great book to celebrate the pride of Canada.