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Liam Takes A Stand by Tory Wilsom and Josh Holinaty

This book tries to pack a wallop of teaching moments into it, and actually succeeds.

Lesson 1: 
Work Hard. Work Smart.

Lesson 2: 
Sibling Rivalry Is Real

Lesson 3
When Life Throws You Lemons, Make Lemonade

Liam has two brothers older than him. Lister and Lester are identical twins, who are constantly busy trying to outdo one another. Regardless of the activity, their first instinct is to compete with it each other. 

All Liam really wants, is to hang out with his brothers and do things with them. But they barely notice him. 

The twins are too busy trying to figure out what their next big competition will be.

One day, a bit of entrepreneurial spirit strikes and they open up rival lemonade stands outside their house. Lester first starts the game opening up a Lemonade Universe. Which immediately prompts Lister to open his own Lemonade Multiverse. 

This just escalates the competitiveness. Each one trying to outdo the other in their branding, product development and even execution, in the effort to get people to buy their lemonade. 

"Can I help" asks Liam.

"You'd just be in the way," the twins both tell Liam. 

This constant striving to outdo each other means that their little brother Liam, is always left out. 

But then business peaks for the twins. 

The observant Liam takes a stand and starts his own stand called "Liam's Apple Avenue".  Applying all the lessons that he's learnt from his brothers' failures, Liam succeeds at his venture. His product is unique. Smart entrepreneurial move indeed. 

It's a classic learning story of know-it-all overachievers, who get so riled up in their competitiveness that they can't see or appreciate what's going on around them. The teachable moments are plenty, and the takeaway original. 

There is a nice playfulness in the illustrations by Josh Holinaty, who features the brothers in a style representative of classic cartoons, filled with oversized images and expressive facial representation. Liam is wide-eyed and the innocence oozes through his expression. 

Delightful. Educational. Superb. 

(Picture book. 6-8)