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Valentine's Books for the kids

I Want To Be An Astronaut by Ruby Brown & Alisa Coburn, is a picture book for kids. Starting with the common thought, "When I grow up, I want to be..." the book goes through a serious of options for kids to ponder upon. Written from a child's point of view, the career options explore a race car driver, a stuntman, an archaeologist, a fighter pilot, a spy, a deep-sea diver, an adventurer, a submarine commander, and of course, an astronaut. But in all good spirit, the kid decides that she's in no rush to decide, and will continue dreaming of big adventures. Love the adventurous options for the career choices as the choice to use a girl to be the narrator. A lovely inspirational and motivational book for the young ones, regardless of their gender.  

Astronaut Academy by Steve Martin and Jennifer Farley is an information-packed activity book for older kids. It includes every insight from working in space with gloves to growing their own space food. Such a wonderful book that will keep the kids occupied for hours, and giving you some much needed me time.