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Do you remember the worst breakfast you've had?

Well these two sisters do. Sitting at breakfast one morning, they have a conversation and debate of the most yuckiest breakfast they've had. 

From bad eggs that were severely underdone, to porridge that was too thick, too gluey, too salty, when really it should have been creamy, made of oats, and not just what seemed like gunk scraped from the hull of boats.

But this is a conversation after all, and they continue down memory lane to recall other food disasters. One by one, they start to cross out breakfast after breakfast, arguing perhaps that it wasn't the worst after all. What about the breakfast that had far too much honey in it, so it became thick and runny, and with sticky eyes and sweetened hair, they trailed that honey everywhere? 

With such fun lyrical language, rhymes and visual intrigue, the book by China MiĆ©ville & Zak Smith is a true delight to read. It's immersive and hilarious, especially when it gets to a long list of food items that you just may think about differently. The unique illustration style has a raw, grungy feel that really adds to the personality of the book and continues to keep the engagement. 

A grossly entertaining book that will have kids laughing at the absurdity of it all. 


  1. I think the watercolours in the artwork add to this character of this book. We have an almost homogenized or perhaps sanitized view of how things should look. This is refreshing.


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