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Do you remember the worst breakfast you've had?

Well these two sisters do. Sitting at breakfast one morning, they have a conversation and debate of the most yuckiest breakfast they've had. 
From bad eggs that were severely underdone, to porridge that was too thick, too gluey, too salty, when really it should have been creamy, made of oats, and not just what seemed like gunk scraped from the hull of boats.
But this is a conversation after all, and they continue down memory lane to recall other food disasters. One by one, they start to cross out breakfast after breakfast, arguing perhaps that it wasn't the worst after all. What about the breakfast that had far too much honey in it, so it became thick and runny, and with sticky eyes and sweetened hair, they trailed that honey everywhere? 
With such fun lyrical language, rhymes and visual intrigue, the book by China MiĆ©ville & Zak Smith is a true delight to read. It's immersive and hilarious, especially when it gets to a long list of food items that you just may think abou…

How much would you give up to live in your dream house?

Enter the world of One Folgate Street and discover perfection...but can you pay the price?
After months and months of searching for for a flat, Emma and Simon, suddenly have been made privy of the perfect house. And, it's more that perfect. It's uber perfect. Designed by a world famous architect, this house is an architectural masterpiece, boasting sleek designs and soaring ceilings, and best of all, in a desirable neighbourhood. Who in their right mind, would say no to an opportunity of a lifetime? 

That was BEFORE. 

NOW, meet Jane. She's also house hunting and frustrated with the housing stock out there, based on what she can afford. Her agent suggests a hidden opportunity, a modern house in Hendon, one bedroom but with loads of space. The address: One Folgate Street. 

Two stories. Two timelines. One House.

The chapters alternate between the two stories; Emma's story begins with a chapter heading "Then", while Jane's with "Now". The stories paralle…

After The Bloom by Leslie Shimatakahara

It was bad enough being Japanese. It was the 60s and as one of the only two girls of Asian descent in her school, Rita sensed the discrimination. She felt everything a new immigrant kid feels living in a racially skewed city. Embarrassment. Fear of rejection. A heightened sense of being perceived as different. Rita lived in constant fear that her friends would find out that there was something funny about her mom. The last thing she wanted was to be seen as both the Japanese girl and the girl with the crazy mother.
Rita’s dad left when she was less than a year old. How do you get over someone you can’t remember? The mother-daughter relationship has continued to evolve,  but the baggage and pain of the past have stayed, and the tight rope between them feels like it could snap at the touch of a finger.  

Perhaps if she had been a bit older when her dad ran off, Rita may have seen her mom's aloneness as a distinctive change from an earlier, happier state. For Lily, struggling to get by…

Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Books for the kids

I Want To Be An Astronaut by Ruby Brown & Alisa Coburn, is a picture book for kids. Starting with the common thought, "When I grow up, I want to be..." the book goes through a serious of options for kids to ponder upon. Written from a child's point of view, the career options explore a race car driver, a stuntman, an archaeologist, a fighter pilot, a spy, a deep-sea diver, an adventurer, a submarine commander, and of course, an astronaut. But in all good spirit, the kid decides that she's in no rush to decide, and will continue dreaming of big adventures. Love the adventurous options for the career choices as the choice to use a girl to be the narrator. A lovely inspirational and motivational book for the young ones, regardless of their gender.  
Astronaut Academy by Steve Martin and Jennifer Farley is an information-packed activity book for older kids. It includes every insight from working in space with gloves to growing their own space food. Such a wonderful bo…

500 Ways To Say I Love You

That #FridayFeeling

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