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There's an Owl in my Towel

There's a song to be sung. 

There's fun to be had.

And, is there really an Owl in my Towel? 

There sure is, at least in Julia Donaldson and Rebecca Cobb's 
new book, called what else...There's an Owl in my Towel. 

This Lift-the-flap interactive book is small in size, but big on fun. There's hidden surprises for baby to uncover, kinda like playing peek-a-boo. Plus, there's a song to go along with it. Don't worry, the lyrics for it are cited in There's an Owl in my Towel. And, you can sing along by scanning the QR code or visit the website link available on the back cover.  

The simple story in There's an Owl in My Towel revolves about an interaction between a baby and mom. 

Baby has lots of excuses when mom asks him to do things. 

Hello baby! Let's sit down.  

But there's a hare in my chair! 

Time for breakfast, baby. 

But there's a mole in my bowl. 

And so it goes on and on. The five flaps reveal five animals. A great learning and fun experience for baby. The song is an additional bonus that adds to the fun of story time and instilling the love of reading and singing to impressionable young minds. 

It's a perfect playtime treat for your and your baby.

Watch the song performed by Julia and Malcolm Donaldson. 

There's an Owl in my Towel is published by MacMillan Children's Books, an imprint of Pan Macmillan. It is distributed in Canada by Publishers Group Canada


  1. Lift-the-flap came along after my kiddie reading days, but I still think they're a lovely idea!

    1. Yeah, they really make story time an interactive activity.


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