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Take The Journey To Somewhere Filled With Roadblocks

In the aftermath of a devastating executive order put forth by U.S. President Trump this week, I felt it was time to revisit this book once again.

What is it like to leave everything behind and travel many miles to somewhere unfamiliar and strange? A mother and her two children set out on such a journey; one filled with fear of the unknown, but also great hope. 

Based on a true story - the author met two girls in a refugee centre in Italy - The Journey is told from the perspective of a young child. It's the journey of escape from a war-stricken home, in search of a better, safer life. It's the journey of hope and optimism. It's a journey that's laden with thousands of roadblocks. 

The refugee crisis is real. Thousands flee from their hometown, not on a whim, but out of necessity. 

The decision to move -- to uproot and leave everything familiar -- is hard, but necessary, if they and their families are to survive. 

Leaving everything you have ever known, is scary enough for an adult. How do you face your fears and set out on a unknown journey that undeniably will be paved with hardship and rejection? How do you convince yourself that this journey will inevitably yield beauty and a hope for you and your family? A hope to live. Francesca Sanna takes us through this turmoil and hope, through the eyes of an innocent girl. 

This week, Donald Trump signed the executive order to halt travel from seven Muslim-majority countries. With just one pen stroke, he took away hope from thousands of people. Did he think of what this may do to hundreds of families? Imagine if he took the time to put himself in the shoes of one girl displaced by war, who used to live in a city close to the sea. 

"I hope one day, like these birds, we will find a new home. 
A home where we can be safe and begin our story again." 

The Journey by Francesca Sanna is not just a beautiful book, it is an important one. In an age, where we are trying to teach our children right from wrong, while grappling with with the political events in the world, The Journey is probably one of the most poignant books we should read. And read over and over and over again. Until, we finally get it! 

The Journey by Francesca Sanna is published by Flying Eye Books and distributed in Canada by Publishers Group Canada


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