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Rani Patel In Full Effect by Sonia Patel

Sixteen-year-old Rani Patel is shattering all norms. For someone who comes from a cultural background that traditionally expects girls to conform and be demure, Rani is anything but. Indulging in poetry slams and hip-hop jams, she’s proving that she’s her own person. 

Drawing from my own personal experience, I admire Rani's character. And since one of my new year’s goals is to follow the words of Shakespeare “To thine own self be true”, this book is one of my top picks to start off the year. With writing that is electric, and a voice that is on point, author Sonia Patel brings Rani Patel to life in Rani Patel In Full Effect

A family situation that pushes Rani over the edge at the start of the book, sets the reader on a thrilling rollercoaster ride, complete with emotional turmoil and a lesson to be learnt. The book starts off by Rani shaving her head, a visible act of rebellion. As Newton's Third Law stated, every action has an equal and opposite reaction, and in Rani's case it's no different. Her father’s cheating scandal thrusts Rani into a path where she becomes hip hop MC Sutra and finds a boyfriend who just may lead her into the depths of destruction. But teenagers must experience, in order to learn that the path they are going down, may not be the ideal one. Just as she’s about to lose it all, Rani gains it all, and Sonia Patel is able to spin a story of strength and feminism and positivity.

A gutsy novel that’s powerful in its storytelling. Rani Patel In Full Effect doesn’t sugarcoat  the truth. Family relationships are complicated. Teenage life can be as shitty as it is exhilarating. The book is honest and raw and Rani feels like someone we could know. The REAL girl next door, not the Disney version of her.