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One Noisy Night something mysterious is at play

One noisy night, hedgehog and his friends have a mystery to solve. 
One Noisy Night is a touch and feel book, with the central focus being the red hat, and it delights with its assortment of animal friends and their engaging interactions. 

One morning over breakfast, Rabbit asked his friends, "Did you hear the creaking and crashing in the woods last night?" 

While Little Hedgehog didn't hear anything, his friends Badger and Fox did. Determined to find out what all the noise was about, Fox starts on an investigative journey the following night when he hears the sounds again. In the distance, he sees a red hat, similar to the one Little Hedgehog wears. All clues point to Little Hedgehog, who insists that it wasn't him. 

The puzzling mystery leads Little Hedgehog to take matters into his own hands. So, that night he decides to stay awake and find out for himself. But alas, he falls asleep and is soon jolted awake by a loud crash outside the house. 

Badger, Fox and Rabbit are already by the river and when they see Little Hedgehog, they realize that the culprit in a red hat by the river is not Little Hedgehog at all. 

Suddenly, they also discover that the river is flooding, and it could be a dangerous threat to their homes. Collectively working together as a team, they try to get the water under control, and subsequently also end up solving the real mystery of the red hats. 

One Noisy Night is a cute book with visually captivating imagery that complements and heightens the mystery. While the mystery is engaging, it was longer read than anticipated and may perhaps be a better bedtime read for slightly older kids. 

One Noisy Night is written by M. Christina Butler and illustrated by Tina Macnaughton. Published by Tiger Tales Books and distributed in Canada by Publishers Book Canada


  1. What is it about hedgehogs: they make such delightful characters!?

    1. Don't know. But you are right, they sure are adorable.


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