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Too many ideas and too little time? Don't read this book.

Don’t read this book if you don’t want to be inspired. Don’t read this book if you think you have exceptional time management skills. Don’t read this book if you are not looking for good tips to implement in your life. And definitely don’t read this book if you think you have all the time in the world to implement all your creative ideas.

At the crux of it, this is a time management book for creatives. Most creative folks love books saturated with visual inspiration and a stimulating instructional style. What is uninspiring to creatives is a verbose text book style instructional manual filled with jargon.  

To help you figure out what’s really important on your task list, David Boos asks the reader 
to make a list of things they'd really like to do, and then make another list of only 3 things that they want to do the most. This simple advice is not awe-inspiring. But what the book does is bring you back into that familiar space of being reminded to focus, focus, focus. 

The ToDon’tList Method. 
The way it works is simple. It's based on the idea that you can’t do everything. The common myth is that in order to be “successful” you need to do as much as possible. The author suggests that it’s better to choose fewer things to do that you will do well and discard the rest. Even if they are good ideas. Once you let go, you’ll also release of any unsatisfactory feelings. Yes, there’s also an app for that. 
David Roos’ book is packed with valuable advice, models and exercises on time management. Abundant advice in a straightforward format, one that is both enjoyable in a literary sense and also visually appealing. The takeaway from the book is simple: the choices you do and don't make inevitably affect your creativity.


  1. Time-management books really can't offer all that much that's new in terms of advice, I suppose, but format and delivery are everything. This one sounds rather appealing, and I appreciate the simple approach.


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