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A satisfying thriller that leaves you desperate for the end

I See You. But You Don't See Me. 
I know everything about you. I have your entire route to work mapped out. 

It's 2017. There are hundreds of different dating sites out there, all generally serving the same purpose. You view the profiles online, decide on the one that intrigues you, reach out to the person, and hope that they accept your invitation. Then begins a short or lengthy email exchange that either leads to the comfort level of meeting the person, or an easy rejection of them. is different. It's a secret website, one that's certainly creepy (to say the least) and by exclusive invite only. An ad appears in the local newspaper, and a hazy picture of a woman, along with a website address. But access is by a passcode which is delivered to paying subscribers anonymously. 

You do the same thing every day. You know exactly where you're going. You're not alone. 

Zoe Walker sees herself on the Metro News one day and is spooked. She thinks she's made a connection between two other women who had similar ads in the paper, and who were found murdered shortly after. Surely there has to be a connection? The photo is grainy but Zoe seems absolutely convinced it's her. But, she's doesn't remember where the photo could have been taken. 

Zoe believes she's the next target. Is it just an irrational clutch of panic? 

What follows is a heart-pounding adventure that takes you through London's underground, unravelling a twisted case of cat and mouse. Someone is playing a game. Finding out details about women and feeding that information to potential "matches" on the other end who are interested. The women have no clue at all. 

Claire Mackintosh's writing is brilliant. This former policewoman has already given us a fantastic debut novel I Let You Go, which won Theakston's Old Perculier Crime Novel Of The Year Award in 2016, beat out J K Rowling writing as Robert Galbraith. Her precision in writing is akin to her precision in solving a crime in real life. An incredible attention to details and an engaging story-telling talent, that keeps the reader hungry for the next page. 

I See You is brilliantly conceived. It's one thing to have an idea that makes you shudder, but it's quite another to bring that idea to fruition. Claire Mackintosh does it with finesse and believability. Highly recommended, with a glass of your favourite red wine. 


  1. The new year has got me hooked on a number of BBC crime dramas, and I can see where this could strike the same chord. Nothing like a good mystery to keep us interested!


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