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A Boy Called Christmas

An Impossibility is just a Possibility that you don't understand

'Tis the season when one of our most beloved heroes comes down the chimney and drops off something special for those of us who've been nice. So what a great time to read a book that perfectly ties to that feeling of joy, love and hope? A Boy Called Christmas is the story of that hero, and Matt Haig aims to delight the kid in all of us. 

The book centres around an 11-year-old boy named Nikolas, who heads off to the Far North in search of his father, Joel, the woodcutter. Joel, has been commissioned to venture up to the Far North with six other men to find Elfhelm, a mythical place where elves are believed to dwell. But does this place really exist? 

Joel really needs the money, and the huge reward of twelve thousand rubels from the king, is an even bigger motivation for him to make that dangerous expedition hundreds of miles in search of Elfhelm village. The journey takes him to Seipäjärvi, Finland, and beyond th…

Just one coin may save the day

This is a story about Collin -- a boy who loves collecting coins. Collin is very disciplined and spends hours arranging all his beloved coins by size, or shape, country or state, and sometimes even by smell or taste. (A word of caution from the writer: DO NOT try the latter.) 
Collin has a favourite coin. One that he always keeps in his pocket, and turns from silver quarter into a golden dollar, with a tricky flick. 
Because of his obsession, Collin always is trying to get more coins. One fine day, in search of coins, Collin puts his hand deep down into the forgotten spaces of the couch. These are spaces that can be very, very dangerous, and soon Collin learns why. 
"Down, in the deep, dark cave that lies below the cushions and springs of your couch, dwells MARGARASH." 
This monster, is just waiting to pull boys like Collin down into his world and trap them in his cage. Margarash believes that all the coins that fall through the couch are for him, and he's got a mound of coi…

The Perfect Escape For The Holidays

Most often than not, life doesn't usually turn out the way you want it to. Plans unravel, and the path of life can meander into the darkest of dark corners. This was the case for Zoe Maisey. Three years ago, this seventeen-year-old musical prodigy with an IQ worthy of Mensa, was involved in a tragic incident -- one that left three of Zoe's classmates dead. After serving her time, she's back, and ready to pursue her musical career once again. 

Life has changed for her: her parents separated in the tragedy's aftermath, and her mom, Maria, now has a new man and a new step son in her life. They don't know anything about Zoe's past; Maria has made sure of keeping it a secret. 

At the start of the novel, Zoe's is about to deliver her debut recital, hoping to once again ingratiate herself under the musical spotlight. Her mother has been planning this night for months. Zoe's prodigious talent presented itself when she was only three years old, and Maria made it h…

Imagination and kindness are at the centre of this vintage children's book

Be charmed by this piece of vintage storytelling 
Originally published in 1958, Roland by Nelly Stéphane & André François is a whimsical story that captures your imagination and your heart. The vintage drawings take you back to a time of simplicity and innocence. The duo writing/illustrator team were quite legendary. Nelly Stéphane was a French writer and famous graphic designer and illustrator, whereas AndréFrançois art and illustrations graced many covers of the New Yorker magazine. Did you also know that he studied withPicasso? Small world indeed. 

In this book, the story centres around a boy called Roland who finds himself in situations where he has nothing to do. To pass the time, he starts to draw things, which immediately come to life as soon as he says "CRACK". 
When the teacher sends him to the corner because he is late for school, Roland draws a tiger. The tiger becomes real and stretches out in front of the teacher, who informs him that there's no room in the…