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Think positive. Be positive.


"We are what we think." 

This is the wonderful message in Owl Kids new book Abigail the Whale by Davide Cali & Sonja Bougaeva. 

Abigail dreads swimming lessons! She'd always try to be last in line because she'd be afraid to hear words like "Abigail is a whale" when she dived in. 

Unfortunately, the teasing didn't stop here. When she tried to dive, there was more taunting from the other kids. 

But her teacher was encouraging and told her that she was actually a good swimmer. He told her that all the negative thought were in her head. 

"We are what we think," her teacher said. 
"If you want to swim well, you have to think light. Do you suppose birds or fish think they're too heavy? 

And so, Abigail decides to put that principle to the test. Whether it's thinking thoughts that would extinguish fear of the needle, or to put herself to sleep, Abigail is surprised at the impact of positive thinking.   

A wonderful book about coping with not just negative body image, but building confidence. It's a timely message for all children.

Picture book. Ages 6-8.