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Puns can be fun when done right

By Michael Escoffier & Kris Di Giacomo

Beautifully illustrated seaside scenes, juxtaposed with visual puns, make Have You Seen My Trumpet? unique. There was an earlier book in this series with the same idea. But the play of words in Have You Seen My Trumpet? is by far superior, and playful. And it's especially delightful when you realize that this book isn’t predictable, unlike a lot children's books which tend to be just that.

Some playful examples from Have You Seen My Trumpet?

Who thinks it's 
too crowded?
This line accompanies a visual of a bunch of animals in a crowded boat standing cheek to cheek. The crow is the reference point in this instant, and he looks absolutely grumpy. 

Who is chasing the pigeon?
This beautiful beach scene shows a pig chasing, what else, a pigeon with an ice cream cart. The water coloured illustration shows the sea, with a ship in the background. The other animals like a porcupine, a stork, a bear, a flock of flamingoes, and a bear look on, while this shenanigan is happening. It's clear that the pig really wants his treat. 

There is an “Aha” moment at the end that adds to the thrill of reading and the enjoyment of completing a book. The child is really not looking for a trumpet after all. 

 Have You Seen My Trumpet? is published by Enchanted Lion Books and distributed by PGC Books