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Marcel by Eda Akaltun

New York through the eyes of a French bulldog. What could be more enticing than that? Marcel is a posh little dog, who lives in Manhattan with his owner. He loves exploring all things New York with her. And, he sure is a true New Yorker, strutting through New York with the human, stopping by mouth-watering bagel joints, enjoying a pampering day at the fru fru dog spa, and swinging by the park to listen to some soothing jazz. Marcel just loves life in downtown New York City.

Uptown, seems to be quite another story. Marcel definitely doesn't like uptown. He doesn't understand what humans like uptown, except perhaps the Museum. 

Things are all fine and dandy, until one day, there’s a new human in town. This guy is taking up all of his owner’s time. She giggles and flirts with the new human and doesn't seem to mind constantly bumping into him. But Marcel minds. And he minds even more when they start hanging out a lot more. This new human also likes to hang out uptown a lot. Marcel doesn’t like change. 

Marcel by Eda Akaltun is full of charm and grace. What a treat this story is for those who love New York and get a chance to reminisce about the vibrant life the city offers, through Marcel’s eyes. The tone is lovable and it speaks to societal love and infatuation with dogs. One can't walk the sidewalk of our busy cosmopolitan cities without bumping into our furry friends. Through Marcel, we get a glimpse into their view of the world.

Marcel by Eda Akaltun (2016-06-17)is published by Flying Eye Books and distributed by PGC Books.

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