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Feminist Fight Club by Jessica Bennett

Sure it's 2016! But sexism still exists. Especially in the workplace. 
Some of it is subtle. Some overtly obvious. Other times, it's just oblivious behaviours. But, what it is, is infuriating! And, we need to get right down to putting a big full STOP to it. 

That's Jessica Bennett's view. And that's why she wrote the Feminist Fight Club. 

Designed as a informative book to help you navigate the workplace today, the Feminist Fight Club is empowering and hilarious. And like any club, it starts with a few basic rules that are a parody on the movie. 

RULE No. 1: You must talk about the Fight Club

RULE No. 2: You MUST talk about the Fight Club!!! 

RULE No. 3: We fight PATRIARCHY, not each other. 

RULE No. 6. The fight is not over until we have achieved equality for ALL women. 

The book is fun because rather than just being a rant, it actually has very specific instructions on how to fight. Whether it's the guy who stole your idea in a creative meeting, or the know it all who is constantly talking over everyone in the boardroom, Jessica Bennett says that we don't just have to sit back and take it. Each section in the Feminist Fight Club first the "Enemy" and is accompanied by a list of "The Fight Moves". 

Here's an example: 
ENEMY: The Himitator
This is the guy who in an attempt to clarify what you say in a creative meeting, puts a great spin on your original idea and ends up taking all the credit. The Himitator is not as malicious and not purposefully stealing your idea, but by the simple act of repeating it to others, ends up getting all the credit for it anyway. 

Find a way to casually remind the room that the idea began with you. 
Maybe your Himitator thinks he's doing you a favour, but you don't have to be afraid to let them know what you think. 
Move a preposition and a noun, and let the games begin.

If one book can't change the world, the Feminist Fight Club certainly is doing its part in making a difference. Workplaces today claim that they are equal, but every woman knows that is not necessarily the case. There is always the corporate BS wall that blocks you on a daily basis, hindering the climb up that corporate ladder. The Feminist Fight Club reminds you that you don't have to curl up into a ball and take it. You can, you must, fight! 

The book has lots of valuable insights and ammunition for you to use. There's even a Chapter on Booby Traps and how to dodge 'em. Wondering how you would navigate traps like "Female Bosses Are The Worst" or "She's Too Nice to Lead The Team"? Jessica Bennett suggests using niceness to your advantage, and learning to master the art of being nice and tough at once. Cloak your demand in sweetness, she says, but make the demand. Become a master of giving orders or asking for what you need in a pleasant tone. Don't become the office mom or the one who always becomes the shoulder to cry on. Jessica Bennett believes that it is possible to play nice, while still being taken seriously.

As the wage gap discussion persists and bridging the inequality continues to take a forefront in our daily discussions, we must play our part in the fight. 

    Feminist Fight Club is published by Harper Wave, An Imprint of Harper Collins Publishers.

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