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What Can I Be? By Ann Rand & Ingrid Fiksdahl King

Poetry. Imagination. Play. 
This book brings together all the elements that fascinate young minds. 

Ann Rand passed away in 2012, but her legacy remains with the release of What Can I Be? It is one of her unpublished works from the 1970s that was discovered and published as a wonderful work of imagination and storytelling. 

Ann Rand was once married to the great designer Paul Rand, and in the 1950s their collaboration produced a slew of children's books including I Know A Lot Of Things and Sparkle and Spin

The graphics engage and delight. The prose takes you on a journey that you will remember forever. And, the colours of the illustrations are so vivid that they etch a beautiful mosaic in your mind. What Can I Be? is inspiringly creative. 

What Can I Be? is published by Princeton Architectural Press, and distributed in Canada by PGC Books

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