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The Trap by Melanie Raabe

Get trapped inside this gripping suspense thriller. 

A girl is murdered. Her sister has seen the face of the murderer. The killer was never caught. 

Now, twelve years later, she is able to identify him. She's just seen him on TV. It’s the same face. The face of the cold heartless murderer she saw in her sister’s apartment that night. She’s certain. Is she? Yes, she’s sure. But who will believe her? Perhaps only the police officer who was investigating the case. But, has it been too long?

Now she cannot wipe that face from her mind. Haunting nights, restless days, she must seek revenge. But how? She must set a trap. 

He’s a well-known journalist. Linda is a famous writer and an infamous recluse. She’s lived in isolation for the past few years, with very little contact with the outside world. No one will believe her if she accuses him. Moreover she doesn’t want those close to her to have any contact with him. No, she decides. She must do this alone. 

So, she sets out to write a book to trap him. To make him confess. But will it work? 

The Trap is a psychological thriller that is written with a calculating precision. It leaves you unsettled and unsure of what’s real and imagined. But from the first page of the book you are hooked. 

Twists and turns in the plot keep you engaged; page by page, you cannot wait to see how this bold experiment will play out. You have no idea who to trust. There are essentially two stories told side by side in The Trap that are brilliantly narrated. You’d think this would get confusing and make you lose interest. Instead, it’s pushes the story forward as you anxiously await the truth.

For a first time novelist Melanie Raabe has been able to stop her readers right in their tracks and take notice. The Trap is a riveting read with a suspenseful captivating plot sure to grip you till the very end.

The Trap is published by House Of Anansi Press.

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