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I Love You More And More by Nicky Benson and Jenny Lambert

This is a love-ly book, all about the love of a father for his son. Bear loves cub so much, even more than the trees, mountains and stars. 

They are having a great time as they play a game to say how much they love each other. 

Their physical journey is as enjoyable as is the lyrical one; they incorporate all the natural beauty of their habitat into their conversation. The flowers that love to blossom, bloom and grow. The waterfalls that love to splash. The fish that love to swirl in the rivers blue. The mountains, and even the clouds breezing by. 

A cute book with a lovey dovey message, that makes winding down for bedtime just a beautiful thing.

I Love You More And More is published by Tiger Tales Books, and distributed in Canada by PGC Books

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