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Do Not Wash This Bear

Every kid who has ever had a bear can relate to this book. You want to hold on to your fave friend. Take it everywhere you go. No one wants their bear to be tossed into the washing machine. I can relate. My plush toy never came out looking the same when some bratty kids tossed it into the garden, got it all muddied up, and my mom had to wash it. Yikes, I didn't realize I harboured such strong feelings for this topic. 

Enough about me. In Sam Hay & Nick East's book, the bear finds his way to a washing machine because of the kid's dad who is tired of bear being all muddy and grubby. His heart is in the right place but... 

... things go awry, and Bear is not quite himself when he comes out of the washing machine. He winks, waves and became quite a cheeky little bear. Running up the stairs, making bubbles in the bathroom, pulling the features out of the pillows. Oh what a commotion bear causes. Washing Bear was a big mistake. 

Your story time is bound to have lots of giggles with Do Not Wash This Bear. 

Do Not Wash This Bear is published by Egmont UK, and distributed in Canada by PGC Books

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