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By Gaslight by Steven Price

Betrayal. Murder. Survival. 

A historical fiction novel that begins in London, 1855, where the notorious thief Edward Shade exists only as a ghost. William Pinkerton is in search of the mysterious Shade.  His father was as brutal a detective as he was a parent, one equipped with an abundance of righteous indignation and prone to fits of  Scottish rage. But, death came for him early, and he resigned his life without ever finding Shade. William is hell bent on completing his father's unfinished business.

Adam Foole, returns to London in search of a lost love. But fate is not on his side. While uncovering the truth, the search leads him to a name -- Edward Shade. 

As the two men continue to try and uncover clues to get closer to the man they loathe, they are destined to form a bond. The story primarily flip flops between these two alternating points of view. 

An epic 19-Century crime fiction that will keep you glued as you are taken on an adventure from slums of London to South Africa's diamond mines. 

Steven Price's writing is beautifully constructed, powerful in its visual representation. You can smell the stank putrefaction of London's sewers, and feel engulfed by its fog.

"He loathed London. Its cobbled streets were filthy even to a man whose business was filth." 

Perhaps it comes as no surprise then that Steven Price is a poet by heart. 

The story hooks you right from the first page, and the astute storytelling continues to garner your interest through every word, every line, every paragraph, as you manoeuvre through this book, one that is well over 700 pages in its entirety. 

It is a historical-suspence novel in the literary space that has been held by other esteemed novelists like Eleanor Catton's, Patrick DeWitt's, and Michael Faber. And, it will not disappoint. By Gaslight is storytelling at its finest. 

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  1. This one is very near the top of my stack and I'm quite curious. I hadn't heard yet about his poetry background: how ironic that he has written such a long novel when he has a background with much shorter form. Glad to hear you enjoyed it so much!

  2. It's like reading an epic tale that is just so beautifully constructed, and powerful in its visual representation of the characters and the setting. Hope you enjoy it too.


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